Muay Thai Addict And Triumphant Support Athlete Sponsorships For Triumphant 11

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Triumphant and Muay Thai Addict are changing the game for athletes. As a small grassroots promotion and equipment company they are connected to the boxers that fight on their shows.

For Triumphant 11 on June 12th, the nak muay will be able to display their sponsors live on the Pay Per View. 

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“We will allow fighters to put sponsors on the PPV. So instead of wearing logos of sponsors on the shorts, we will display them on the screen,” Dmitriy Shirganov CEO Of Muay Thai Addict said.

Boxers can display three of their sponsors on screen in the pay per view. This is a tremendous boon for athletes and their sponsors alike. Both parties increase their visibility. Since the bouts will be live streamed on, the potential viewership and exposure are high.

Issues of sponsorship and promotions have been contested over the years. This is especially true with large combat shows like the UFC. When the MMA event switched from allowing sponsors on apparel to uniforms many athletes lost revenue.

“The Ultimate Fighter Season 10 runner-up Brendan Schaub said he's going to take a 90-plus percent hit in terms of his sponsorship money,” according to Bleacher Report

Many athletes make the bulk of their money through sponsorship related income.

Famed MMA fighter Paige VanZant has been outspoken about the issue before.

“ I can make way more than that just [by] promoting brands on Instagram,” VanZant said. 

Allowing boxers to promote helps the fighters gain that important revenue. They can then perform their best.

Troy Jones and James Bobinchuck for Muay Thai Addict

“This will be revolutionary,” Shirganov said. “This can level up the sport. With increased viewership the sponsorship dollars will increase tremendously.”

A growth in sponsorship dollars for nak muay will see a corresponding increase in the pool of fighters, the depth of talent, and the ability for promoters to promote.

“This will put Muay Thai on the map and be a way for the fighters to make money in the sport,” Shirganov said.

If the sport is going to grow, the business of the sport needs to develop. Muay Thai Addict and Triumphant will make the Muay Thai grow.

Reserve your ticket for the event here.

Livestream Available now. Click here to order

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