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Moments of Muay Thai Beauty   

The team behind Muay Thai Addict is stepping it up. Muay Thai Addict hosted a massive show in Miami, Florida. The line up included Kevin Ross versus Asa Ten Pow in a changing of the guard for American Muay Thai. The young Ten Pow performed well against veteran Ross. Florida native, Ten Pow, snagged a World Muay Thai Council belt along with the win. 

It was a beautiful moment for Muay Thai in the states. Kevin, The Soul Assasin, Ross inspired countless athletes throughout his storied career. He fought for well over a decade and feared no challenge. Ross even took on the famed Saenchai in his prime. When the bout ended Ross gave an emotional retirement speech. His stirring words brought tears to the eyes of the crowd. Muay Thai Addict is proud to be a part of the Muay Thai legend’s history. 

Muay Thai Addict Moves To Europe 

The company is creating more history. Muay Thai Addict is taking the show on the road. Expansion is coming to Europe. The Muay Thai Addict League will host regular events in Europe this coming year. The goal is to expand outwards into the rest of Europe. 

We’re already moving up. The first promotion was on May 14th. 

“We had over 20 bouts including amateurs and professionals,” Dmitry Shirganov, CEO of Muay Thai addict said. “The headliner saw Thai Barlow take on Gonzalo Tabar for a World Title.” 

The show was a massive success and Muay Thai Addict is going bigger. The next show is at Leicester Sports Centre on October 1st. Along with a new venue, the stacked card includes both amateur and professional bouts. There will be eight professional match ups. 

UK favorite Thai Barlow returns to the ring. He takes on Carlos Alexandre of Portugal. The main event sees Alex Vorfi of the UK take on Danny Brady of Spain. That one is for an international title. 

A significant cash bonus goes to the fight of the night as well. 

Iman Barlow Stars In December Muay Thai Addict League Show 

Following the October 1st show will be a massive event at the Maher Community Centre. The venue seats 1000+ and will be sold out. The date is set on December 3rd. 

Iman “Pretty Killer” Barlow of the UK battles Athenea Flores of Germany for a world title. The jaw dropping show will be live on Pay Per View. Look out for other mouth watering match ups announced soon. 

Opportunities For Muay Thai Boxers Grow 

The rise in shows gives new opportunities for fighters around the world. 

“We want to give US fighters opportunities,” Shirganov said. “So we will be scouting several fighters for the December event, as well as future shows. Our goal is to create easy access to Europe for US fighters. We want USA boxers to be able to get continuous work and grow their careers.” 

This is of crucial importance for athletes stateside. There are still limited opportunities for up and coming fighters. Muay Thai Addict is taking steps to change that. Careers for Muay Thai boxers are often shortened due to a lack of fights. The direct connection to Europe gives new life to American athletes. This is a true step up for Muay Thai Addict and the USA Muay Thai community. 

Muay Thai Addict gear and apparel will be on hand for all the upcoming shows. 

Stay tuned for more exciting news, match ups, and opportunities from a leading light in the sport: Muay Thai Addict! 

Athletes interested in fighting on future Muay Thai Addict League shows email:

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