Troy "Trouble" Wants To Take On The Best For Triumphant 11

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Jones is an American all star. After a successful college football career, he switched to Muay Thai. And The hits kept coming.

Troy Jones vs Padilla at Triumphant 11

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Trouble Hits Hard

Troy “Trouble” Jones had no problems getting the accolades. He grabbed the IFMA World Cut B Class Gold in 2015. A year later he went full contact taking home IFMA Pan American games gold.

The Minnesota based fighter went on to have a very successful career in Glory. He beat Paul Banasiak decisively. Then he smashed out four ko victories out of seven bouts with the kickboxing promotion.

“It's that burning desire to be the best and win,” Jones said about what motivates him. “And it's given me the ability to travel around the world and see a lot of stuff that I never thought I would.”

A Passion That Took Him Around The World

Jones has traveled the world for the sport and spent an extended period in Thailand. He did well on the local stadium scene in the south and appeared on Max Muay Thai.

He went to France late last year for a short notice fight. He took on the Glory champion, Murthel Groenhart. Trouble was enjoying pulled pork sandwiches and a beer when he got the call. He’d just come off a TKO victory in Miami.

“Glory said do you want to fight this Murthel for the title. I said yeah. I hung up and drove back home like an hour and went straight to the gym,” he said.

Troy Jones at Muay Thai Addict Booth

Working Over Time

Jones is working hard for this bout and isn’t taking his opponent lightly. This bout will see Jones take on Miguel Angel Padilla for the WMC Pan Championship.

He’s training three times a day, two Muay Thai sessions and a strength and conditioning session. Jones focuses on footwork drills with ladders that build short twitch movement.

“We add in some strength training and conditioning,” he said. “It translates really well, especially for combat sports. It’s all being explosive.”

Hungry For More

Trouble plans on exploding to life in the ring. Which has led him to his success. It’s also slowed his career.

He’s had problems in the past with getting matched up. After all, he has a fearsome record. In his 13 professional fights, he’s had 8 KO victories.

“ I want to fight the upper echelon where they're not afraid to take the fight,” he said. “They want to take the fight. I'm tired of dealing with all these fucking guys. They are trying to duck and duck.”

There will be no ducks on the card for Triumphant 11. There will be hard hitting action and no backing down on June 12th.

Troy Jones

Reserve your ticket for Triumphant 11 in Miami Florida here.

Livestream Available now. Click here to order

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