USMF Opens Eyes In Colombia

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Eyes On The USA

The United States represented on the international stage once again as eight athletes went to the South American Championships in Colombia. The team of six men and two females were able to snatch several medals, opening eyes around the world.

Coached by the experienced trainers of Rami Ibrahim and Ricardo Perez, the team was assisted by Jessie Magusen and USMF (United States Muay Thai Federation) vice president Marcy Maxwell.

The president of the USMF, Michael Chase Corley kept a close watch from afar over the team. “Reports from coaches and staff said it was the best team to work with in the last couple years,” Corley said. “They did well! It’s a good gauge to see if they are ready for the world championships.”

Carnicella's USMF profile 

Gold hung around Florida Kickboxing Academy’s Coral Carnicella neck once again. The Muay Thai Addict sponsored athlete has been an emerging talent in the United States and internationally.

Carnicella participated in the 2019 USMF team for the World Championships in Bangkok. Fighting in the A-Class division, Carnicella took a win over Thailand’s Chommanee Sor Taehiran in the semi-finals. The win was a big accomplishment for young Carnicella as Chommanee is an international level fighter with outstanding bouts on Glory and other venues.

International Importance  

Fighting internationally, especially on the USMF teams, means working with new coaches and staff. It can be difficult for some fighters to adjust. This trip had Carnicella go without her coach, Asa Ten Pow, to the games. Ten Pow, one of America’s best strikers, was busy prepping for Glory Collision 2 in the Netherlands. 

 Coral Carnicella fighting Mexico at the 2019 South American Championship

“There were a few things I had to overcome for the Championships, like fighting without my coach. I was more nervous. He’s my rock when it comes to fighting,” she said. “It was hard getting into the ring.”

Neverthless, Carnicella got into the ring and handled business. Originally planning on fighting several times in the tournament, some of the fighters in the bracket dropped out. Originally a flushed out bracket,  this event saw only Mexico and the United States in Carnicella’s weight class.

“It was good but it wasn’t my best performance. I feel I dominated the fight,” The Muay Thai Addict sponsored athlete said.  “She was really good in the clinch though.” 

Coral Carnicella shadowboxing in preparation for the South American Championships

Fighters Fight 

Getting these bouts is important, especially for a fighter in the early days of their careers.

“The Pan American Championship is significant in that it keeps top amateurs and professionals busy in the USA,” Corley said. “A lot of these athletes are hard to get matches for in the USA.” 

Fighters need to fight. Participation in international teams gets eyes on the athletes which can lead to necessary matchups for fighters.

“Hopefully this opens the eyes for promotions for the pros,” Carnicella said. “All these tournaments and me winning them boosts my image. People see me and know me.”

Carnicella, along with the rest of the USMF team, has been making major headway for the United States. Eyes are upon North America and it’s rising position on the world stage.

The USMF South American Championship 2019 team


South American Championship 2019 Roster

Jalil Barnes 60kg

Phillip Ignacio 67kg

Ryan Fathi 75kg

Ahmad Ibrahim 57kg

Kevin Rhodes 54kg

Brandon Kurosawa 63.5kg

Yasmeen Salhani 48kg

Coral Carnicella 54kg

Rami Ibrahim - Head Coach

Ricardo Perez - Head Coach 

Asistant Coach - Jesse Magusen

USMF Vice President - Marcy Maxwell

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