Aiming To The Change The World: Asa Ten Pow Takes On Kevin Ross at Triumphant 11

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Changing the world isn’t easy. Changing oneself can be even harder. Asa Ten Pow aims to do both for Triumphant 11 in Miami. He will change the course of Muay Thai in American history and at the same time change his position in it. The bout will be adorned with the WMC MAD title. The World Muay Thai Council will sanctify the fight's importance, and the winners.  

Big Goals

His headling bout against the esteemed Kevin Ross has been on the table for a long time. Everyone that wants to be anyone wants to take on “The Soul Assasin.” Ross has been a long term pioneer for American Muay Thai. He’s taken on some of the best including Saenchai. For a fighter like Ten Pow this card is an attempt to get to where Ross is.

“I have been asking for this for a long time,” Ten Pow said. “I've been asking you to get in front of Kevin for a long time, someway, somehow, and it just worked out this way.”

It’s worked out in Ten Pow’s favor. He’s fighting in his home state of Florida. And he’s coming off a successful streak at Glory, the international kickboxing organization.

Respecting The Task At Hand

It will be no easy task unseating Ross from his earned perch at the top of the game. Because Ross has spent so much time in the ring he’s seen a lot of looks, and a lot of fighters. Ten Pow respects that.

“His game is very balanced, sharp and technical,” Ten Pow said. He tends to know how to play the game and when to push on guys. He knows when to start breaking guys down, he's very strong.”

One of Ross’ strengths and many American’s weaknesses is in the clinch. Ross has been able to grind out wins over fighters like Matt Embree, Malaipet Sasiprapra, Chike Lindsay, and others.

Having respect for an opponent doesn’t mean that Ten Pow believes he can’t win. It’s the opposite. Having seen Ross in action over the years he believes he can overtake The Soul Assassin. Ten Pow is ready to go into deep waters. The American Ninja also has slick boxing and evasive footwork to evade the grind of Ross.

Getting Stronger

Adding to Ten Pow’s arsenal is his strength and conditioning program. The Florida native has been working on the foundations. He does a lot of explosive footwork drills. In addition to ladder drills like Troy Jones, he works hip flexor, abductors, and shoulder strength.

“A lot of things to make me move faster,” Ten Pow said. “My explosive jump is off the wall. I’m broad jumping 9 to 10 feet. So everything's coming together.

His speed and explosion will be an asset in the ring. He will need to use his quick reflexes and a sharp mind to deal with the experience of his opponent.

A moment in history

Whatever happens in the ring it will be a defining moment for the sport in America. It could be a changing of the guard if Ten Pow can unseat Ross.

Ten Pow has a lot riding on this fight. He’s doing it for himself and his family. Both of his parents, who don’t see him fight, will be in attendance. Ten Pow wants to honor them by performing his best and taking the win and the belt home.

In the process he may just change the world and his own life.

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