Calling The Action At Triumphant 11: Commentator Brandon Kyle Umipig With 4 Talking Points

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The action is coming. Play by Play commentator has been studying the lineup. Here are four things to know about Umipig and Triumphant 11 in Miami on June 12th.

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1.Umipig Is Persistent

Sitting ringside to call the biggest fights in America is a competitive position. How did Umipig get there? He was persistent.

When he saw that the first Triumphant show was happening, he contacted the promoter. And he got turned down. That didn’t deter him though.

“I was like, I'm gonna keep hitting him up,” Umipig said.

A week later the Triumphant promoter responded. There was an opening. Umipig took it.

“Then through that, I started doing local MMA shows,” Umipig said.

From there he started working more events. He furthered his craft through practice and study. Umipig is now certified in sports broadcasting. He knows the game.

Brandon Kyle Umipig at Triumphant 11

 2.Commentating Is More Than Talking

There’s a lot of ins and outs in commentating. Commercial breaks, sponsorships, fight records, and filling dead space is all part of the commentator’s job. They have to make sure that the sound is going as smoothly as the event production. The people behind the mic must make the action exciting too!

Having fought before Umipig found it easy to talk about the fights. But as he progressed he realized there was more to it.

“There's an average of two hours of research every hour of broadcast,” Umipig said. “So if I'm doing a three hour event, I'm thinking I need to do six to nine hours of research on the fighters.”

With a stacked card like Triumphant 11 there is a lot to talk about and a lot to know!

Umipig will be set behind the mic though because he knows the fighters.

“When it comes time, we have something to talk about,” Umipig said.

Brandon Kyle Umipig at Triumphant 11

The Main Event: Kevin Ross versus Asa Ten Pow Is Going to Be Historic

The WMC MAD title is on the line for the big fight of the night. America’s Muay Thai poster boy Kevin Ross will take on the upcoming Asa Ten Pow. It’s a clash of titans for Umipig and he weighed in on both boxers.

“This is a test for Asa because Kevin is the number one representative of American Muay Thai,” Umipig said. “He’s respected throughout the sport.

Our play-by-play guy knows that there is a lot on the line and that Asa Ten Pow is no tomato can.

“Asa is the young gun from the east coast,” he said. “He’s been coming up through the ranks. He’s got a good background and fought internationally.”

4. The Match Ups at Triumphant make the show

The bouts at Triumphant have been consistent. The show on June 12th is no exception. Slated to be on the card are international standouts like Bekah Irwin, Amine Ballafrikh, Jason Andrada, Troy Jones, Tierra Brandt, Coral Carnicella, and more.

“As far as the big fights, they're always well matched,” Umipig said.

Fights that are even mean lots of action.

“We go into the third round, with a lot going on. In the fifth round, a lot going like this is anybody's fights,” Umipig said. The fights make commentating become easy because of the back and forth.”

It’s anyone’s game at the star studded show. The winners will be the fans for sure though.

Reserve your ticket for Triumphant 11 in Miami Florida here.

Livestream Available now. Click here to order


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