Muay Thai Addict partners with deepCBDs for Triumphant 11 Muay Thai Series Event Live in Miami, Florida

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Muay Thai Addict presents the Triumphant 11 Muay Thai Series event taking place on June 12th, 2021, at 5:00 p.m. EST/EDT at the James Knight Center in Miami, Florida and will be streaming live on Fite.TV. 

Muay Thai Addict secured several sponsors for the event including deepCBDs, a hemp lifestyle wellness brand that offers natural hemp-plant based CBD-rich products in the form of oil drop tinctures, gummies, and relief creams (among others).

deepCBDs will also supply some of their hemp products to the athletes for Triumphant 11 and for their own personal use. 

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“We’re honored to be a sponsor of Muay Thai Addict’s Triumphant 11 Muay Thai Series. We appreciate the intensity of the sport, the mental strength and dedication the athletes require to compete, and the physical toll it takes on their mind and body," said David Caruso, COO & Co-Founder of deepCBDs.  

Athletes of all types need aid. Especially after hard training sessions or bouts. deepCBDs’s soothing aid creams and other hemp products can help with their recovery and support their health and wellness overall.

The founders of deepCBDs started the business as a result of its CEO and Co-Founder, Venus Caruso, personally experiencing various benefits from using CBD.

 “Venus uses CBD on a daily basis. She’s an advocate of CBD because of the deep impact CBD made on her quality of life. She’s never slept better, her stress is better managed, and she experiences far less flare-ups, pain, and inflammation associated with her cervical spinal injury than ever before,” said Caruso.   

Recently the Florida Boxing Association made a pivotal change in its policy. It decided to no longer drug test fighters for marijuana. Under the Farm Bill Act and Florida law, hemp-derived products are allowed to contain up to 0.3% THC.

This means that Muay Thai athletes are now allowed to use hemp-derived products containing the legally permissible amount of THC without having to worry about possibly failing a drug test for THC.

“I’m excited and happy to have deepCBDs as a sponsor,” Dmitry Shirganov President of Muay Thai Addict said. “They genuinely care about the athletes’ quality of life, want to help the athletes shorten their recovery time, and maintain a balanced mind and body in a very demanding sport. Incredible products for incredible athletes.”


Fight Cards includes:

 Kevin “The Soul Assassin” Ross vs. Asa “The American Ninja” Ten Pow for the WMC World Championship title

Troy “Trouble” Jones vs. Miguel Angel Padilla for the WMC PanAm Championship title

 Amine Ballafrikh vs. Abraham Vidales for the Triumphant Championship title

 Luke Lessel vs. Lucas Martino

Tierra Brandt vs. Coral Carnicella. 

Reserve your ticket for Triumphant 11 in Miami Florida here.

Livestream Available now. Click here to order

About deepCBDs®

deepCBDs is a Florida based hemp lifestyle wellness brand that offers hemp-derived CBD-rich products designed to help people and their pets improve their quality of living. deepCBDs’s hemp products are made from high quality strains of whole-plant hemp extract from organically grown US hemp, are third-party lab tested, contain 0.3% or less THC, and made in accordance with the Farm Bill Act.

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