Working The Cuts: Famed Cornerman Talks Triumphant 11

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Muay Thai is a dangerous game. There are punches, kicks, knees and of course slashing elbows. There will be cuts, blood, and glory at Triumphant 11 in Miami on June 12th.

The action will be non stop with the help of people working ringside.

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Shayne Michael Adams is a professional cutman who works his magic in the important moments. The retired kickboxer and MMA fighter knows how important it is to fix wounds to keep the fight going. He’s been in the ring, just like them.

When a boxer is cut or injured he has to rush to aid the athlete.

“I do a visual triage. I focus on my guy and what he’s doing. I’m looking at priorities. Anything above the eyes, any blood on the forehead,” Adams said.

Shayne Michael Adams wrapping hands

Cuts on the forehead can easily have blood run down into the Nak Muay’s eyes. This will impair vision and cause the ringside doctor or referee to stop the bout. That’s the last thing that Adams wants.

“I’m there to help the corner win,” he said.

Helping fighters has him use endswells. The cold steel constricts the blood vessels. The device pushes down on bruises and swelling, dampens the negative impact of injuries.  

For Adams there is a race against the clock. He has to quickly but precisely work in between rounds.

“We’re buying time,” he said. “It’s not a permanent fix. I’m doing the best I can to keep you in there.”

Shayne Michael Adams working the corner

The decision to keep a fight going and stopping it can be based on the right amount of ice placed in the right place. The Vaseline dabbed on the right spot. The adrenaline smeared across the cut.

It requires a stable hand. When Adams works, he works. It grants him front row access to the top tier.  

“During the course of an event I get to work 12-15 corners. I get to hear from the best coaches in the world,” he said without flinching. 

Having that close proximity gives him a buzz. After retiring from being in the ring he wanted to be a part of the action.

“I wanted to stay in the sport. I still love it. Where is the best seat in the house? It’s in that corner. I’m living the dream,” he said.

His life has come with hard choices. Fighters put their careers in his hands when he works cuts.

The cutman wouldn’t change it for anything though. Adam’s is ready to make the split second decision when he chose to work for Triumphant.

“I can’t wait. Triumphant is coming up and putting fighters back work,” he said. “Support your fighters and support the shows.”

 We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Reserve your ticket for Triumphant 11 in Miami Florida here.

Livestream Available now. Click here to order

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