Tierra “T Money” Brandt Is Going For The Big Bucks: Triumphant 11 Brandt vs Carnicella

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American prodigy Tierra Brandt is growing up. After an excellent performance in the Youth IFMA games, Brandt is ready to move up. She’ll take on IFMA veteran Coral Carnicella at Triumphant 11 in Miami Florida on June 12th.

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This bout is important for her. She wants to show how much she’s grown.

“I wanted a fight to prove my spot. I'm still young, but I wanted I still belong in the adult division, even though I'm young. I'm a baby in the sport,” Brandt said. 

Her opponent is mature and experienced. Carnicella shocked the world at the IFMA games in 2019. She convincingly beat Chommanee Tehiran, one of Thailand’s best female fighters.

“Coral is game. She's a good opponent. It will be a good bout,” Brandt said.

Brandt knows a lot about fighting. She grew up in the gym and in the sport. Both of her parents, Desiree and Danny Brandt fought. They also own Dan’s Gym where Tierra trains.

Naturally athletic Brandt was active in soccer and other sports. Nothing compared to Muay Thai though.

“I was born for it. It was destined to happen. Muay Thai kept me intrigued because I had a family tree follow that's the good thing,” Brandt said.

Her parents have had her very active in her amateur career. She’s fought regularly in the youth games. Brandt also trained with the late Sangtiennoi Sor Rungroj in Pathum Thani Thailand.

The good hard training has paid off. She recently walked off with a win at the USMTO in Arizona.

Brandt likes to walk the walk and feel the fight.

“I'll start slow,” she said. “Until I get hit a couple of times. Then it's changing gears. I like to have a good showing.”

Brandt will switch it up and become hard hitting, or able to fight the more technical game.

She’s showing up for the fights and plans on showing up more. Having recently turned 18 allows her to compete with other adults. Now the world is open for her.

“As a junior trying to find females that had close to the number of fights and experiences I did was hard. That's why I had to go overseas so many times just to find experience,” Brandt said.

This bout with Coral Carnicella will be a defining moment for Brandt. She can show where and if she belongs, amongst the adults and in the nation.

Reserve your ticket for Triumphant 11 in Miami Florida here.

Livestream Available now. Click here to order

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