Three Time Muay Thai Gold Medalist Gunslinger Has A Showdown With The Pretty Killer: Bekah Irwin versus Iman Barlow at Triumphant 11

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Texas breeds its fighters different. The Lone Star state gave birth to young Bekah Irwin out of Heritage Muay Thai in Houston. The young gun shot three perfect bulls eyes at the IFMA games between 2016 and 2018. Bam. Bam. Bam.

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Bekah Irwin USMF 3 time gold medalist

She reloaded her arsenal and went to action again. Her high caliber head kicks and picture perfect technique signed her up to fight in Glory. She made history as the youngest athlete signed to the promotion. Her contract began when she was just 18 years old.

She went on to become a modern day Annie Oakley in the international Kickboxing organization. Irwin took out her opponents with fast blasts of action.

Now, Irwin is going back to her where it began.

Bekah Irwin vs Iman Barlow at Triumphant 11

“I'm returning from kickboxing. Muay Thai is where it started. This is my origin of everything,” Irwin said.

The Texas phenom is ready to draw her best weapons against the assassin from the UK. She knows that there is a lot at stake, and she likes that sense of self reliance.

After all under the bright lights of the ring, Irwin will stand alone against her foe.

“It's all you,” Irwin said. “Because you can't place any blame anywhere else if you lose.”

With an extended break due to Covid, Irwin has had to holster her guns. But she has continued to refine her craft.

I’m more consistent, harder,” she said about her training. “I'm training with a better mind on my head. A better IQ with everything.”

Irwin needs a sharp mind. Barlow has only dropped two fights in the last eight years. One to Anissa Meksen and another to Sofia Olofsson. The loss to Meksen was a hard one for the UK fighter. She was felled from a swift punch from Meksen. But that was back in 2014. If Meksen exposed any weaknesses, Barlow has had plenty of time to fix them.

The Heritage Muay Thai fighter has a game plan though. Coached by world class trainer, Michael Corley, Irwin is coming in with bright ideas. 

Bekah Irwin and Michael Chase Corley and Daniel Brandt at IFMA games

“I like the game plan because it gives me a baseline to follow along with everything else,” Irwin said.

As the old saying goes, basics win fights. But it’s the slight adjustments of the fundamentals that make the difference.

 Irwin is confident though.

 “I know I have good technique. I know I have a good base, and I have a good IQ,” she said. “It’s not just some like bullshit going out there. It's gonna look good.”

There is no doubt that this bout will look good. Fans from all over the world are going to witness high level Muay Thai action with two of the best female athletes in the world.

The target is set for June 12th in Miami Florida for Triumphant 11.

Also slated to be on the card are other international standouts like Kevin Ross, Bekah Irwin, Jason Andrada, Thai Barlow, Troy Jones, Amine Ballafrikh, Tierra Brandt, Coral Carnicella, and more.

The bout will be live streamed on Fite TV.

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Livestream Available now. Click here to order

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